September 26, 2008

Has the destroyed GOP started to dig out of their self-dug grave, with an anti-Wall Street, pro-taxpayer, populist opposition party message?

What the f*ck is going on when the GOP goes against their Wall Street masters, and for the common people (if this is genuine, and not just BS politics like gay marriage)?

Seriously, having the GOP go against the rich and investors is cats sleeping with dogs kinda stuff. End of the world as we knew it kinda stuff.

But here they go:

"We believe Congress needs to act and needs to act quickly. But we will not agree to a bill that sells taxpayers out to bail out Wall Street."

- GOP House Minority Leader John Boehner, pulling his head out of his ass for the first time in history, September 26, 2008


con-artistry said...

The Republicans are morphing into The Reformers.

They are reforming corporate liabilties into public debt.

Sheer Rovian Genius!

Anonymous said...

seems like I am in the twilight zone, hearing the below statement:

"America is on the edge of an economic crisis," House Minority Leader John Boehner told reporters. "We believe Congress needs to act and needs to act quickly. But we will not agree to a bill that sells taxpayers out to bail out Wall Street."

queue twilight zone music.

this is what I have been waiting for the democrats to say but I knew it was hopeless to expect to hear it because the dems have absolutely no leadership on capital hill.

Anonymous said...

just when I though things could not get any weirder the GOP goes and says something like that!

It is kind of like waking up one morning to find the magnetic north now points south!

I think I am going home early and getting my drink on.

Anonymous said...

And I MEANT to say "capital" and not "capitol"

Anonymous said...

Actually, your thread asks a good question.

One can only hope that SOMEBODY will push a pro-taxpayer, populist opposition party message.

The Democrats have become a squeamish bunch. They're in the majority. They've made all these socialist changes to a Socialist Paulson bill. Why haven't they passed their Paulson/Democrat bailout bill to now? I'll tell you why: They're scared shitless, that they'll actually be HELD ACCOUNTABLE if their bailout bill fails. Where's their courage? Where's their conviction to a cause? Are they waiting for the "minority" to make the decisions for the majority?Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I think the GOP is getting ready to throw Bush under the bus.

Anonymous said...

know i think we know why mccain rushed to congress the other day. he say an opening to put the republicans on the side of Americans because the dems left that move wide open.

The dems were focused on ensuring there were a few crumbs of the bailout pie left over for tax payers.

Now we have the republicans as the champions of the tax payers of america and the democrats as the champions of wall street.

the choice of Palin was "check"

this move is now Checkmate.

and I bet mccain beats obama senseless with it tonight (and he should). He has gotten obama and the dems to complain constantly over the last couple of days about mccain wanting to postpone the debate.

Guess what the debate is still on and there is going to be a lot of talk about the bailout. McCain can actually say he suspended his campaign efforts to make sure that the american people's interest were being looked after because our interests were being ignored.

What can obama say to that?

Thats right, um, huh, um..... McCain has a temper issue! yea, thats the ticket.

Anonymous said...

i am thinking that this move is just absolute pure genius by mcloser.

I think that the republicans, in one quick movement (like obiwan launching out of the hole and cutting darth maul in two) jumped out of the hole and thrown the democrats into it.

Anonymous said...

Do Not Worry.

The GOP wil not let us down.

They will not sanction anything for anybody even at the risk of killing the country unless they can find a tit and feed off it first.

GOP: The Dishonest and corrupt Party that Killed America

Censure Bushco and Cheneyurton.

Do it NOW.

circus act said...

Does anybody remember Bushco's colossal trillion dollar MIC boondoggle called "The War in Iraq"??

It seems to have disappeared when Paulson's Trojan Horse (bailout?) was rolled into the Campaign Arena to widespread acclaim and consternation.

Sheer Rovian Genius!

Anonymous said...

This is Rovian genuis. Iraq war has been forgotten. It's all about the bailout. The idiot Dems have taken the bait and are ready to put 1 trillion in taxpayer's money down a rathole in the blink of an eye, exposing them for what they are - pathetic losers.

The GOP rises as the true party of reform, fighting for the taxpayer and main street. John McCain attaches himself to this fight over the next few days.

Obama and the rest of the pathetic Dems are now in a corner, supporting a taxpayer bailout that is HUGELY unpopular to voters.

Voters turn on Obama and vote for McCain as the true reformer thanks to the GOP's fight over this bailout.

McCain wins the Whitehouse.

Rove is pure genius.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate all your blogging and updates, but please make sure you remind everyone to CONTACT THEIR REPRESENTATIVE! We might be truly looking at a historic moment when the average American again gains a voice: Today, NPR reported on the issues that House Republicans are having with the bailout legislation, noting that reps. have been bombarded with calls and emails, roughly 100 to 1, against the bailout. Lets make it 200 to 1! said...

i am thinking that this move is just absolute pure genius by mcloser.

Yep, pretty much. I've been saying all along that no matter how articulate and polished Obama may look, he's up against a career politician pro and he's just not up to the game.

Don't get me wrong - as much as I hate Obama and his Stalinist agenda, I don't love McCain either - but I just don't think Obama ever had a chance against the career professional politician.

Afterthought said...

Let 'em get a couple of votes under their belts. Let them bite the hand that feeds them (Big Business).

Seriously, if the GOP is for that type of thing, the Democrats would lurch even further to the left. That may happen, but campaign conversions are notoriously unreliable (e.g. Bush re: Nation Building and a Humbler Foriegn Policy)

Peter T said...

Each Republican representative gets messages from their voters, and their rage is growing. Having to choose between loyality to a party leadership that won't be able to help them much in the future and political survival by showing responsivness to their constituence, many choose survival.