September 23, 2008

Obama yesterday in Wisconsin on what he'd do to reform the broken nation


Anonymous said...

He forgot to mention the trials for the guilty.

There are plenty of room at the newly built-by-Hallibutrton FEMA camps to hold them all.

Do It Now

Anonymous said...

I wonder what he's really thinking. It's not going to be pretty the next four years.

Afterthought said...

If President B. Hussein Obama lives to see 2012, I'll be surprised.

I'm really not high on Homo sapiens right now. said...

This guy will make things really painful but it will be amusing to see the freeloaders and other looters who are voting for him "to stick it to the rich" when they lose jobs, take pay cuts, lose benefits, more jobs go to China and India, etc.

The losers who vote for this guy in order to get a free handout from "the rich" are going to pay dearly.

Karma is a beautiful thing.

I've got to get back to chatting with my e-commerce programmers in Indonesia now.

Lost Cause said...

I love to listen to him talk. It is the one hope that I have.

I hope you Indonesian buddies rob you blind, Frank.